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Spa Party Packages 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Cyndi Lauper

            The Unicorn Extravaganza  (2019)

           The unicorn Pretty & Paint Party! 

        Every girls dream come true... An unforgettable Unicorn theme Birthday party!

 (1) hour canvas unicorn painting followed by your choice of colorful rainbow hair or make-up,  matching glittery manicures & a unicorn prop photo shoot.                                                        $570 for 8 kids $55 each additional child)

without the table it would be $410 

Table includes: All decorations, 5 candy jars, pastries or brownies, cookies and a juice punch. 

                       If you would like to have adults eat from the table it would be an additonal

                       $10 per person 

                                    SPArrific SPA Experience                     

Please email us directly at [email protected]

Looking for a place to experience a delightful Spa Day to celebrate your Diva's birthday, graduation, Report card, BFF Spa Day, or simply just because? Then call and make your reservation today for your fun filled Spa Day. At Lalorett you will always feel comfortable and never rushed.


 The minimum # of guests for these packages is 4. For price inquiries for less than 8 guests, please call us. Please note the maximum amount of guest for your event including parents, children and or chaperones is 25. You're welcome to suggest drop offs or choose a few designated chaperones to help you host your event.

You are responsible for the cake, cake plates, spoons & table cloth & please remember: If your event includes pedicures we ask you to remind your guest to bring flip flops.

After all services are finished and the cake has been cut the party is over. (We apologize in advance to all the kids that want to stay & although we would love to keep the party going we must prepare for our next event or appointments and can not have continuous use of the salon)

All Parties packages below can be serviced at a mobile Event. 

All Our Spa Parties will include

  • Karaoke
  • Dancing-The x-box connect, and battle one another in different dance routines.
  • Birthday girl will receive a FREE gift of her choice from our Diva treasures. 
  • All kids will have a chance to sit at our fun station & create the birthday girl a Birthday card! 
  • Some of our packages include different crafting or a activity from our fun station but if not you can always add one from our Add-on Options.
  • All packages will include a Photoshoot!

Glittery BFF Spa Party 

These ladies are always together, they love to chat on the phone, they love to act alike and now they have the opportunity to do what BFFs love to do! Do everything alike!

With your creative minds choose your  scent, color and glitter choice to

 create your own lip gloss! just like your BFF….

  Next, receive matching glittery manicures with a nail art!

 a dazzle of make-up & Hair glitter! ..

Pose with your BFF for a photo shoot! 

    $275 for 8 guest


                                                            Simply Pretty Spa Day 

Girls just love to be girly girls& just wanna have fun!!! Warm up to our just dance x-box connect! Indulge in a 

Spa manicure 

Pedicure Yum Yum

( Pick from an array of delicious smelling sugar scrubs that will surely leave your hands & feet looking fabulous & feeling soft)

Make-up Express (eye candy & lipstick)

Glitter Tattoo (choice if you would like it on the face or body)

$310 for 8 guests


A Chocolate SPA party

If you love chocolate, let us indulge you with the 

Chocolate Fondue featuring our sweet dippers. (Strawberries, bananas & pretzels) 

Share a pink princess punch toast 

20 min painting an object of Lalorett's choice

Decadent soothing Chocolate Facial with a

Chocolate Sugar Scrub Spa manicure

 $380 for 8 guests (Add chocolate lollipops for $24)


                                                               A Stunning Diva look....

We can look and feel like a new person with a diva attitude! Come prepared to leave looking Divalicious! Birthday girl and guests will receive a 

Sparkling manicures with a design, 

Fashionable Hairstyling Braid or fun updo

         (a spritz of temporary colorful hair streak or glitter)

Shimmery Make-up

$390 for 8 guests


             SPAriffic Relaxing SPA Day 

This is a popular package from our mobile spa packages (GLAM JAM) except you do not have to come to the salon in your pj’s (you can if you want to) or you can  slip into our 

luxurious bathrobes and slippers as you prepare to receive a Relaxing 

Spa Manicure, 

Spa pedicure with a comforting massage, 

Fruit or chocolate Facial

(Crafting of a chain or bracelet included)

All guests will receive a bottled spa water....these well pampered ladies are now relaxed feeling amazing for a photo shoot & ready to sing Happy Birthday! 

$395 for 8 guests ($40 each additional guest) 

Pretty & Paint Spa Party (hottest trend)

2 Parties in 1! Double the Fun!

1 Hour Canvas Painting with a Private Instructor (painting of your choice)

Glitterful Manicure & A Sparkling Make-up Application. All guest will enjoy dancing & karaoke!

Ladies are now ready to pose with their new artwork, their pretty faces

& their newly freshed manicure. 

$410  for 8 guests

Sprinkle Me Pretty

A Place for a Diva to be! Each Diva will recieve 

A mini mani

Mini pedi

Make-up & glitter 

Braided Hairbun 

Pink Lemonade toast to toast to a great make-over & a birthday party

        $430 for 8 guests ($45 each additonal guest)

Fashionista Make-over

Girls just want to have fun so let's get these little ladies made-over with their fashionista make-overs.. 

All girls will receive a Glamorous Hairstyle

make-up & glitter, 

Sparkling manicure with a design or a 3D Bow. 

To complete their fashionable make-over all ladies will receive earrings & bracelets 

their very own hair accessory to take home..

But before they take them they will model them on their runway fashion show!!! (In this package you will also receive a SD card with your child's videos and pictures of the day)                           $525 for 8 guests ($65 each additional guest)

Sassy Queens of the Day! 

The Ultimate Experience

Girls want nothing more than to have fun, look & feel fabulous! These ladies will have the day to remember with their ultimate pampering services.... As they arrive they will automatically be given 

bathrobes & slippers to change into and start their day. 

Sparkling Manicure (includes 1 design on each hand & foot)

Sparkling Pedicure 

Banana & cucumber facial or chocolate facial and Cucumber eye relaxationAfter they have been pampered it’s time to give them a complete 

make-over Shimmering make-up & glitter

A Fabulous Hair-do 

Crafting of their choice either a chain or bracelet

Now these Divas can put their stylish outfits & Diva attitudes to work in A runway modeling show & Diva Photo shoot 

Birthday girl receives a La Lorett goodie bag 

  $580 for 8 guests  ($75 each additional guest)

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
All guests will arrive to feel glamorous and beautiful so let’s get this party started and choose 2 services from the 1st menue 

below  (for groups of 10 or more guest) only) 

1st Menu    

     Hairstyling (Braids) 




2nd Menu

Glitter Tattoo

Make-up Express

Temporary Hair coloring Streak         

   Only $40 per person   

12 or more guest will have an extra $50  technician fee

                                               The Unicorn Extravaganza is up top 


20% off Events on Tuesdays & Wednesdays 


You can bring your Diva just because she deserves a pampering day! It does not have to be a party.....

 We are a full hair salon & spa for kids. At La's Salon 4 kidz we offer:  hair cutting, styling, manicures, pedicures,  chocolate or fruit facials, make-up & glitter, glitter tattoos, crafting & birthday celebrations. Look under 'spa party packages for information or you can contact us directly for more information.

Birthday Diva: 
  Bring this b-day diva for her royal treatment-includes:manicure, pedicure, Facial, Hairstyle, followed by make-up & glitter with her choice at the fun station (create your own lip gloss, lotion or Sugar Scrub Sundae) 

Spa Fun:  
Every child deserves a lil Spa Day! Manicure, pedicure, Facial, Massage & 20 min full body massage $120

Pretty Me: 1 hour
Give her a new look....Hair blowout & manicure with a design
 $35 & up(depends on hair length & texture)

Glam Day: 1 hour
 Make her look & feel fabulous....Manicure, make-up& glitter with a braided Hairstyle 

Glittery Mani/Pedi yum yum
 Shine bright like a diamond.......Cut, Soak, file, massage & paint $20 

Mani/Pedi yum yum:
Sure to leave the skin soft & shiny, chose your scent of sugar scrub sundae mask to add to your mani/ pedi  $25

Diva Haircuts (ages 4-12) 45 min
shampoo, conditioning & haircut $20 if you chose to add a blow out or braided hairstyle $30 & up
( haircuts vary by length and texture of hair. $20-25)

Baby Haircuts or 1st time Haircuts $20
if you chose to add a (1st time haircut keepsake to cherish baby's hair an extra $10)

Kids Facials: 30  min
Enjoy one of our delicious soothing facials (chocolate or Fruit) & relax those tired eyes with cucumbers while listening to the relaxing tones of spa music. Followed by your facial massage. $30

Extra Services we have everyday & can also be added to any spa party.

Create your own chain or bracelet
Each child will be able to use their imagination and create a bracelet or chain for 
$5 each.

Push Goodie Bags or Spa Buckets
Kids never have a choice of what will go in their goodie bag, but with us they will recieve either a hair accessory, nail polish, lipstick, jewelry or some other spa items available 
$10 Each

Bathrobes & slippers: give your guest the comfort of  wearing our luxurious Bathrobes & slippers $40 for 8 guests.           

Nail art: For only $5 dollars per child; they can receive one design on each hand or 

$ 7 per child and they will receive a design on each hand & foot. (Glitter is included)

Create your own Lip Gloss

All ladies love lip gloss! Now they can come chose their  sweet smelling scent, color & glitter & create their own glitterful lip gloss! 

(1) $8 (2) Lip Gloss $13

Create your own Sugar Scrub Sundae

Ladies can now enjoy their Spa Manicure & Pedicure when they make their own sweet smelling Sugar Scrub Sundae. Choose up to 3 of our 6 delicious flavors (Birthday cake, ice blue, strawberry, raspberry, vanilla & chocolate! add your favorite topping and finish it off

with some SPA sprinkles! 

(1) scoop $6 (3) $10

Create your own lotion bottle

Each child will chose the scent of their choice and fill up their plain lotion bottle, add colorful glitter of their choice & transform their bottles into a customized beautiful bedazzle personal lotion bottle! $8 Each